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I had the opportunity to visit the Facebook campus in Menlo Park, California, while traveling last weekend. The two day trip with my husband, allowed us to experience the Bay Area and Napa on Friday and Saturday, before returning on Sunday.

While on the plane, I dedicated some time to work on my own marketing. I find that being on an airplane, is one of the best times to focus and cross items off of my to do list.

Friday morning, my husband and I woke up and made our way over to Menlo Park, for breakfast and a tour of the Facebook campus. My designer background was very appreciative of the campus signage. Specifically the directionals, and the Facebook Black Community Community poster.

I was happily surprised at the creative effort that was taken when coming up with directionals for visitors to navigate throughout the building. Rather than having the traditional wall signage, they incorporated their directions in a fun geometrical shape on the floor. It is always refreshing to see something new and different than what we typically see. The only down side was the occasional person that stood in the middle of the intersection, reading the directions.

Facebook Directionals

There were a variety of posters for the different upcoming events in various locations on the campus. There were a ton of posters, all with different themes.  My favorite was the Black Community Summit poster. I loved how simplicity was used to communicate 48 varieties of shades, identities and stylings of African Americans and black culture. I was able to snag a laptop case with the same design.

Facebook Posters

Facebook Black Community Summit Posters
The remainder of my time in included sight seeing at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco, light shopping, dinner and drinks. We also took trip to Napa Valley, where we had hours of great conversation over wine and cheese plates. And more wine.


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