My favorite holiday is New Year’s Day. In addition to being an excuse to get ridiculously overdressed, I also love it because it is a chance to set new goals. It is a clear marker of something new, the time to say, ‘Okay, onto bigger and better’. Time to set and achieve your goals.

I’ve always liked setting and achieving goals. So much so, that I’ve started evolving my goals into different categories: personal, professional, health/wellness, faith, support, travel, etc. I’ll even take those goals, and make stepping stone goals or quarterly goals to make sure I hit my mark by said timeframe.

I find that often, clients set goals for their business, but lose site of those goals, by March/April. This year, to break that habit, I’m sharing 6 tips on how to work towards those goals all year round, and keep you on track to make sure you accomplish those goals.

Here’s a 5 step process to help you sort out and achieve your business goals.

Write down your goals.

This helps keep them top of mind. Studies show that people who physically take notes receive a memory boost, compared to those that took notes on a laptop. Instead of just keeping them in your head, or in an online document that you’re likely to not revisit, write them down. This will help set them in stone, making them top of mind.

Once you’ve written them down, place your list somewhere that you can see it every day. This could be as simple as a sticky note.

Break down your goals.

I once saw Jai Jiang, the author of Rejection Proof speak, and he explained how breaking down goals increases your chances of achieving them. For example, I plan on running a half marathon in July. It seems incredibly overwhelming to set a goal of running 13 miles in 6 months. To make this more achievable, I’m setting a goal to run 4 miles by February 15th, 8 miles by April 15th, and 13 miles by June 15th. I’ve also planned out when and where I’m running to hit each of those milestones (2 days per week on a treadmill, weekends on a trail).

Be consistent.

Consistency is key. Starting off strong is great, but the follow through is even more important. Make sure you don’t lose the momentum. Make a schedule/routine for yourself and stick to it. Blocking out time on your calendar to dedicate time and energy to your goal on a regular basis will help ensure that you reach your goals. Once you’ve gotten in the groove of your schedule, after a while, it will be a new habit.

Keep track of your progress.

On a regular basis, check in to see how you’re doing. Hold yourself accountable. If you find that you’ve fallen behind, revisit your objectives and adjust accordingly to get back on track. Get friends, family and colleagues to help hold you accountable to help keep you on track as well.

Reward yourself.

This one is my personal favorite. In addition to the huge reward you’ll get when you achieve your goals, give yourself smaller rewards as you’re moving forward. For example, I’ll treat myself to new running shoes for even starting out on this half marathon journey. When I hit my first goal, I’ll treat myself to dinner, where I can eat any and everything as a reward for all the calories I’ve burned building my way up to 4 miles. Get the point?

I’m confident that these 5 tips will contribute to your success in 2019. So congratulations to you in advance on turning your goals into a reality this year. If all of this seems overwhelming, schedule a call with me, and we’ll work through it together.

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