Customers and clients are viewed as serving one purpose; making more money. Too often, small business owners don’t recognize the additional value that can be provided by potential customers, and customers who you transact with.


Both customers and clients can provide you with valuable feedback into various areas of your business. They can let you know what the highlights and low points of their experience with you were like, which led them to either purchase or engage your services or not. This feedback will provide insight into areas of opportunity to improve your overall business.


Making a lasting impression, providing memorable experiences, and providing exceptional service, will prompt people to share with friends, family, coworkers, etc. Referrals are the most valuable forms of marketing and advertising. Eighty-five percent of people will take action based on a referral they’ve received.

Future products or services

Creating a relationship, community, and listening to your client’s feedback and needs allows you to shape better products and services and to make them readily available to your client base.

Brand perception

By listening to and observing your customers, you’ll gain insight into how they perceive your brand. By listing and asking the questions who, what, when, where, why and how people are being lead to you, you’ll be furnished with details on how your clients regard your business.

Connecting with people who have engaged with your business provides you with more than the opportunity to increase your revenue. In addition to building a relationship; which will help increase loyalty, gathering this information will give you the knowledge to help shape your various marketing initiatives. It will also influence the language and tone used when speaking to your audience. And it helps you to ensure accurate client targeting as well.

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