What is the best way for small business owners to find new customers? For me as a marketing consultant, referrals, workshops, classes and events all drive new business.

Recently, Campaign Monitor surveyed 1000 small business owners and decision-makers about what they felt their biggest opportunity for gaining new customers was. As I’d predict, the results of the survey had social media in the lead. Email marketing came in second, followed by online paid media. Event marketing, video marketing and content marketing took 4th through 6th place. 

In my opinion, I’d rank email marketing, event marketing and social media marketing as my top three. And content marketing should be part of all three of those tactics. I believe in email, social and event/trade show marketing. So much so, that I have a small business owner workshop, called Small Business – Smart Marketing, centered around the three. 

I’m a huge, huge, huge believer in email marketing, because I’ve seen it work wonders for both large and small businesses that incorporate it into their marketing mix the right way. Social media is a great option for small business owners, and can be wildly successful for their business. But, with the right strategy in place. Let me repeat: the right strategy. And I also believe in event and trade show marketing, and the flexibility that they offer. 

Tell me your thoughts. I’d love to hear what marketing opportunity has contributed to your business finding new customers? What marketing tactics do you feel are the best ways for small business owners to find new customers?

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one session to talk through how email marketing, social media marketing and events and trade shows can fit into your businesses marketing mix, schedule a call here.

Small Business Marketing Stats
Small Business Marketing Stats

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