“I guess you lose some and win some. Long as the outcome is income”. Did you catch that was a Drake lyric? Like how I slid that in? Are you predicting that I’m going to tie it into marketing somehow? Of course I am! Let’s talk about trial and error and testing your marketing.

Testing, or trial and error, if you’ve made mistakes with your marketing, can be very valuable. Testing your marketing can help narrow down creative content, audience, objectives, etc. As a small business owner, I understand that resources are limited, and you may not have the time, knowledge or money to test, or go through trial and error with your marketing. You want to hit the nail on the head the first time. 

But look at it this way, testing your marketing can help you make it perform even better. It provides so much insight about both your product/services, your audience, your content, etc. It’s also a way of optimizing your marketing to make sure that you’re getting the best results possible. Testing doesn’t need to be super elaborate, and often doesn’t take too much time and energy, but the results can open new doors and opportunities for your business.

Here’s an example of a test that I ran for my own business:

I have downloadable guides that I promote via social media ads. Rather than design an ad with supporting copy, I designed 5 ads, and tested 5 sets of supporting copy. After running both ads, one to men and another to women, I found that the images and call to actions that the men responded to, was totally different than what the woman responded to. Because of the test, I’m able to speak to both audiences differently, based on what resonates with them.

The purpose of testing your marketing is to gauge how both products and your marketing will be received. It helps you to ensure that your product and marketing strategy are sound, and it provides you with valuable information on what your customers respond to, marketing channel success, etc. 

Think of ways that you can test your marketing. If you need help, schedule a call with me and we can kick around a few ideas. 

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