When it comes to advertising, emotional marketing outranks logic when it comes to effectiveness. Think about it, as humans, we’re emotional creatures. So what are you saying in your marketing that triggers the emotions that will ultimately motivate someone to take action? 

Here are the facts:

  • People want to feel emotionally connected to the companies, brands and products they use.  Ultimately, it represents an extension of their own style, identity and personality.
  • People also want to feel connected to a cause. So much so, millennials and Gen Z are even choosing their career paths because of it. People want to feel as though they are making a difference, and are connected to something bigger than themselves. 
  • Emotional marketing and branding takes strategy. It is important to know your audience, buyer personas, existing customers, etc, in order to capitalize on the emotional marketing. 

Big brands using emotional marketing:

Brands that give:

  • Wildfang – Charities have included Planned Parenthood, Black Girls Code, and Girls Inc.
  • STATE Bags – Fills backpacks for local students and shines light on issues including mass incarceration, the Flint water crisis and Black Lives Matter
  • Tatcha – funding girls’ education through Room to Read, providing 2 million days of school for girls in Asia and Africa.

So what are you going to do?

Seek professional help. As I mentioned, emotional marketing and branding takes strategy. I can’t emphasize this enough. So please note that in addition to the tips below, on how to work in emotional triggers, schedule a call with me so that we can make sure that your efforts are well received. 

In the meantime, check out a few emotional triggers for your copy

  • Fear – “Don’t get left behind”
  • Time – “Schedule your posts in half the time”
  • Trust – “No gimmicks or hidden costs”
  • Value – “You won’t find a better deal anywhere else”
  • Belonging – “Join today and see what everyone’s been talking about”
  • Competition – “Be the envy of your circle of friends”
  • Instant Gratification – “Schedule a call to speak to someone today”
  • Leadership – “Be the first to take advantage” 
  • Trendsetting – “Be like your favorite businesswoman”

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