If you’re just embarking on the path of designing a new website for your business, or updating an existing site, there are a few home page necessities that you should be sure that you or your designer includes. Think of your home page as the lobby of your business, your first impression, or your first date. You’ve got one chance to get it right, or the person that has landed on your page is going to bail. They’ll be moving on to one of your competitors. Make sure that your home page has the key elements below. 

Home Page Necessity #1 – Value Proposition

A value proposition is what you promise to deliver, should someone utilize your services or product. Make the what, who and how of your company easy to find.

Home Page Necessity #2 – Services and Features

What are people typically looking for when visiting your website? Consider putting it directly on the home page. Have a popular product or service? Feature it! Consider this: how can I get people to what they are looking for in the least amount of clicks?

Home Page Necessity #3 – Calls to Action

Make it easy for people to figure out what to do next. After you’ve told them the what (product or service), lead them to the how (add to cart or schedule). Be a little forward, and tell people exactly what to do next: order, call, email, add to cart, schedule, etc. 

Home Page Necessity #4 – Easy Navigation

Make it easy for people to find exactly what it is that they are looking for. 

Home Page Necessity #5 – Contact Info

In addition to finding you on social, make it easy for people to get in contact with you. Put your email, address and phone number in a common place, such as the footer, or under the ‘contact’ navigation menu. Even add in a chat option. 

Home Page Necessity #6 – Social Media Links

Make it easy for people to follow, engage, and experience your business. In addition to helping increase your social following, it also helps people determine if your business is reputable and engaging. It also allows people to quickly find and read what others are saying and how they feel about your business.

Home Page Necessity #7 – Client Testimonials

If people love what you do, highlight it on your home page. If you have them, include reviews, referrals and testimonials front and center to quickly gain buy in. 

So, are you missing the mark? Are there any big misses or gaps when it comes to your home page and the 7 necessities? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or need assistance with making updates, let me know. I’m here to help.


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