I recently read an article on aligning your brand authority with your passion. The section that resonated the most for me was, “Building brand authority starts when you align your purpose with your passions, remain fearless about sharing your voice and confidently charging what you’re worth.”

I’ve been there, and for small business owners, this is key. This also poses the question…

“What exactly is brand authority, and why do you need it?”

Brand authority is how much trust your business has earned among your customers. You can’t be viewed as an expert in your industry until you learn your voice and use its influence to gain authority. Brand authority drives business – the more your customers trust your business, the more business you gain.

It only takes 10 seconds for people to form an opinion of your brand. That means your marketing strategy must be precise. It’s no secret that small businesses need help and resources at every stage. But consistent branding increases revenues by up to 23%.

Taking advantage of social media and providing credible on-site content are just a few ways to help build brand authority. Customer testimonials are also very reliable ways to show social proof of the services and products you offer and the impact they have. It’s important to understand your value and how you can shift customer perspective.

Passion is your drive, ambition, the love of what you do, and who you serve. It provides you with a very special view of the world that others often don’t see. Trailblazers Janice Bryant Howroyd and Sheila C. Johnson took their passions and turned them into something revolutionary. I’ve learned how to align my purpose with my passion as a marketing consultant, helping minority small business owners understand where they are and what they need in their business. 

Small business owners need the right tools to succeed in clarifying their voice. I’m a small business advocate and marketing strategist that can assist with branding to help reposition your business and the way customers perceive your authority. It’s all about creating a voice your target audience will listen to. If you’re ready to transform your marketing strategy and start building, I’d love to assist.


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