Hubspot published an article a while back titled “16 business tips you need to read”, that was geared towards business both large and small. Of the 16 tips that were featured, below are the tips that align with what I share with clients, and why.

Build a brand

There are many definitions of a brand, but I’ve defined it everything that can be connected to your business. This includes every thought, impression, visual, experience, emotion. All of which can be good, bad, true and even false. All of it sums up what your brand is. The things that you have control over, and things that you don’t. That being said, the build a brand tip is important, because it the reputation and identity of your business. Make sure that you are building it with a purpose and integrity.

Be willing to learn

For this tip, I’m rephrasing it to ‘be willing to learn, and then do’. Very often, I see small business owners fall into the trap of staying on the hamster wheel. Make sure that you’re always keeping an open mind, and looking at your business with a critical eye to ensure that you’re always improving. Where you start, isn’t where you are supposed to finish. Shape new ideas to work for you. When you learn something new, there is no harm in testing it out to see if it works for your and your business. 

Understand your target audience

This is a big one, especially when it comes to marketing. Not everyone needs your product or service. Make sure that you are finding the people that your product or service can be of value to, and meet them where they are. This also helps to ensure that you aren’t wasting your marketing budget, trying to sell your business to someone who just isn’t interested. 

Be consistent

When it comes to marketing, you have to be consistent. On average, it takes 5-7 impressions for someone to recognize your business. That’s only recognition! In order to get them to take action, you must consistently find a way to show up in the spaces that matter, and that make sense for your business. Consistency allows your business to be top of mind, when your potential customer is in need. Consistent efforts, with all of your marketing initiatives, will provide results.

Be accessible to your customers

This one seems like a no brainer, however you’d be surprised at how often the simple things go overlooked. Email, social media, and visiting your website, are the top three ways that someone can interact with and communicate with your business. So, if you have a business email, check it. If you have social media, monitor it. If you have a website, make sure that it is live. I’m not going to lie, this is a huge pet peeve of mine. If you don’t respond to me via email or social, or if your website is not active, I’ve moved on to the next option. 

Keep going

You. Can. Do. It. There are so many tools and resources available, that will help you succeed with your business. You just have to find them (Google, ask for advice or help). And then put it to work for your business. 

To read the other 10 tips, and Hubspot’s reasoning for all 16, check out the article here. If I can be of service to you, and the success of your business, let’s connect!

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