As a small business owner, you are the owner, CFO, COO, CMO, CTO and the CCO. let’s face it, you’re all the C’s and more. Wearing all the hats can be daunting and overwhelming just thinking about the numerous tasks you are responsible for. Doing the work of an entire team when you only have the resources of one person can seem like an impossible feat. And, if you have a full-time job while funding your own business…girl, listen. 

The key to conquering the mountain of work sitting in front of you is automation, organization and time management. When it comes to your marketing, as a one-person team, it is essential to have a plan in place. From there, automated tools will be your one and only best friend! Nowadays you can schedule emails, appointments, blog posts, and social media posts ahead of time. So, while you’re working on completing the tasks filling up your busy schedule, you won’t have to worry about being interrupted to make that 1:00 PM social media post. You can dedicate one day to creating content for the entire week, rather than going at it day by day. 

There are countless automation tools that are either free or offered at a fair price. Most email marketing software platforms allow you to schedule marketing emails and even send automatic emails to users who take specific actions (adding an item to cart, filling out a form on your website). Scheduling blog posts, emails and social media posts using a automated tools can save you copious amounts of time. By saving time, you can focus on other more important tasks. Below are a few of my go to automation tools that I’ve used, or have recommend to clients.

Go To Automation Tools

Calendly – online appointment scheduling software

Facebook – scheduling Facebook and Instagram posts

HootSuite – Social media management platform, that allows you to manage several social media channels through their dashboard.

MailChimp – email marketing automation platform

ScheduleOnce – Appointment scheduling software

TailWind – Pinterest and Instagram post scheduler

WordPress – scheduling blog posts that automatically push to social channels

Zapier – allows you to connect various apps, to automate different actions. For example, Zapier can automatically add new lead contact info from Facebook lead ads to your email marketing campaign.

With these tools, I am able to schedule my marketing activities after I’ve batch created evergreen content. These tools help me to still have a work life balance, while being a small business owner.

I’d love the opportunity to help you form a marketing plan, and get set up with the automation tools that work best for you and your business.

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