Writing a compelling headline can be challenging. The same can be said for attention grabbing subject lines and captions as well. With the abundance of emails that we receive daily and the excessive number of social media ads we are exposed to, it can be challenging to stand out in such overly crowded spaces.

A bit of history for you

Headlines has significantly evolved over the years. In print, it served the purpose of catching the eye. Large and bold, to grab the reader’s eye as they scanned the entire print piece. Then Google came along and there was a shift towards search-based discovery. Your headline now needed to take keywords into consideration. Today, we’re experiencing an even greater shift, headlines now need to be all of the above, plus sharable, and exceedingly clickable (without being click bait). And that same concept of being sharable and clickable holds true for subject lines and captions.

So here it is, the number one reason why you should spend more time on your headlines, subject lines and captions. Ready for it? Here comes the honesty…

The majority of people who read your headline and subject line won’t continue reading. And if someone reads your caption, they may not ultimately click through. So what you say is extremely important. A great headline, subject line or caption will ultimately entice people to take action. It should convince more people continue on to read your content. A poorly written headline or subject line can send customers into your competitors’ arms.

Learning to write an attention-grabbing headlines, subject lines and captions can improve awareness, opportunity and sales. Consider this, your headline or subject line is worth 90% of the advertising dollar. Yes, cutting edge amazing content is great and all, but it is absolutely useless if no one clicks through.

So what’s my advice? First, let me say that each scenario is different. The overall goal of the content, the business, and several other factors come into play. But here are a two tips, that are one size fits all.

Be eye-catching, but also unique.

If your headline mimics everyone else’s, or your subject line is run of the mill basic, then you will not stand out among the competition, or anyone else playing in that same space. Your customer will have no reason to think that you differ from the crowd, so why would they do business with you? Why would they open your email? Or click your link?

Allude to the payoff.

What will I get, if I click? Will I be entertained? What are you offering? Will I learn something new? Make it worth their time. Today’s audiences are tired of their time being wasted. They’ve raised their standards as to what they will spend their time engaging with. Think about it, when we see a headline that piques our curiosity, or a subject line that will possibly help improve life, we are more likely to click. Same goes with captions.

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