It does not matter where you live, who you see day to day, what you’ve been sheltered from, or to what you’ve been been privileged. No matter what your experiences have been in the life that you have lived. No matter how unaware you have been or the ignorance you’ve had, COVID-19 has shown, up close and personal, what racism has done to people of color in this country. It doesn’t matter what you may have believed, how far you thought we’ve come, racism is very alive, present and active.

Let me illustrate: this country is in a pandemic. But for me, and my black husband, and my black parents, and my black sister, and my black girlfriends, who have black husbands, who are black fathers, raising black children, we are not able to simply worry about if we have a face mask and hand sanitizer while focusing on moving past COVID-19.

Before, during and after COVID-19, our lives and livelihoods are still at risk because of racism.

COVID-19 has stripped every excuse for silence, ignorance and any other reason for turning a blind eye, ignoring or giving passes. This infectious disease, that no one is immune to, is impacting black and other people of color. Everyone in America, has received a crash course in what racism has done to this country.

Now that you know, how you respond to the murder of George Floyd needs to look different than how you responded to Eric Garner. Because you have no excuse. How you respond to Amy Cooper, needs to look different than how you responded to Jennifer Schulte. Because now you know.




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