Eight seconds, and not a millisecond more. That’s how long you have to grab and maintain your website visitor’s attention before they’re out your virtual door. Lost forever, hitting the back button, or redirecting elsewhere, and that’s a tried, tested, and true fact.

There are billions of sites on the web competing for visitors every ticking second. Some don’t ever get a clicked link. So, if a visitor shows up on your site, you’ve struck potential gold. Now your goal in less than 8 seconds is to keep their interest focused on your website.

Keep an eye on the ticking clock as the next few fast facts show you how to keep your visitors from bouncing.

Tell a Story

Captivate your visitors’ mental space by telling an engaging story. An introductory story about yourself quickly creates bonding. Don’t be superficial, identify persona problems, speak to real human feelings. Communicate how you can help or how they can overcome. Don’t just say it, show it, with gripping evidence. Get visitors involved by telling them clearly what to do next.

Make it easy

There’s a reason comic sells more than calculus books; they’re easy, attractive, quick, and fun for everyone. Remember the clock is ticking, your site should load quickly. Make it user friendly, adaptable to computers and mobile screens. Accessible and seamless to navigate with headings and sections, eyes can readily scan.

That’s it! Eight seconds are up!

Use these quick facts to captivate your visitors’ interest; the clock has started ticking… If you need my assistance, feel free to reach out. Here to help.

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