It is common for business owners to be inconsistent with their marketing due to poor planning. One way to help prevent inconsistencies is to set up a marketing budget that allows for consistent marketing and measuring the success of marketing initiatives.

What Does It mean to Market Consistently?

Marketing consistently means marketing regularly. If you can only post an article on your blog once a week, make sure you do this on a regular basis, for instance. Don’t post one week, then skip three weeks in between your next post unless you plan to post this way consistently. Whatever way you plan to market your content, you should be consistent in the quality, quantity, and message your marketing represents. For example, your content should regularly provide value to your viewers, you should post regularly on your blog and social platforms, and your message should be communicated consistently. Being consistent will add additional value to your marketing plan. 

How to Market Consistently

Step back and assess how you can identify a marketing routine that makes sense for your small business, based on your constraints and available budget, and then sticking to it. Here is how you could do this:


  • Be realistic and assess how much time and money you can put into your company’s promotion. Think of it as an investment in your business. And remember, the most important thing is to establish the right pace for you and commit to the type of marketing you can do to achieve a specific task whether it is a quick three-month timeframe or over time.


  • Define your long-term goals and short-term goals. To achieve your goals, use the five parts of the SMART acronym to complete them:
  1. Specific – Increase sales by 5% by the end of the year.
  2. Measurable – Utilize data from market research.
  3. Attainable – Can be achieved within a specific timeframe and is something you can achieve. 
  4. Relevant – Does the goal align with your overall purpose.
  5. Timely – Achieving your goal(s) should have a deadline.

Why Must You Set Marketing Goals?

The goals you possess are an essential part of your marketing plan. It gives an overall mental image of all the chances and opportunities you could take for your business to grow. Setting goals puts you in the right state of mind to complete the work necessary to accomplish your goals. It aids in better decision-making and what steps to take. 


Giving your clients a consistent experience, in addition to making sure your voice and tone are constant, will assist in bringing new and returning consumers to your business. Shoppers prefer a reliable brand and marketing plan. A plan that includes all facets of your company, from your social media platforms to your logo, to your online presence and print media. The key to a successful marketing system is making sure your messaging is consistent and unforgettable.

These things will help ensure that you’re making smart decisions with your marketing spend, rather than feeling like your efforts aren’t working. 

If I can be of assistance to you, as you restrategize to become more consistent in your marketing efforts, please don’t hesitate to contact me.