How To Be More Consistent In Your Marketing Efforts

October 10, 2020By D FosterMarketing Consulting

It is common for business owners to be inconsistent with their marketing due to poor planning. One way to help prevent inconsistencies is to set up a marketing budget that allows for consistent marketing and measuring the success of marketing initiatives. What Does It mean to Market Consistently? Marketing consistently means marketing regularly. If you … Read More

Creating Customer Personas

August 9, 2020By D FosterMarketing Consulting 2 Comments

Customer personas help businesses focus on the needs of its customers. Business owners demonstrate this focus by creating products and services that address their customers’ needs and pain points. Even though this is a key tool to effectively serving your client base, creating customer personas is not as common as many would think. It’s time … Read More

Before, during and after COVID-19

May 30, 2020By D FosterUncategorized No Comments

It does not matter where you live, who you see day to day, what you’ve been sheltered from, or to what you’ve been been privileged. No matter what your experiences have been in the life that you have lived. No matter how unaware you have been or the ignorance you’ve had, COVID-19 has shown, up … Read More