Marketing Consulting | Running Your Time

January 24, 2020By D FosterMarketing Consulting No Comments

  It’s so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of running your business, and running your time. As a business owner myself, I’m constantly making sure that I’m focusing my attention on daily and weekly priorities. Even though I’m super deadline driven, and list oriented, without fail, I can be easily distracted by … Read More

Marketing Consulting | 2020 Marketing

November 25, 2019By D FosterMarketing Consulting No Comments

  It’s about to be 2020, new year, new marketing plan. The new year is less than 45 days away, and if you haven’t started thinking about a strategic marketing plan for your business, it’s time. A true marketing plan should make sense for your specific business, how you operate, and who your clients are. … Read More