Marketing Consulting | 2020 Marketing

November 25, 2019By D FosterMarketing Consulting No Comments

  It’s about to be 2020, new year, new marketing plan. The new year is less than 45 days away, and if you haven’t started thinking about a strategic marketing plan for your business, it’s time. A true marketing plan should make sense for your specific business, how you operate, and who your clients are. … Read More

Marketing Consulting | Brand Authority

October 15, 2019By D FosterMarketing Consulting No Comments

  I recently read an article on aligning your brand authority with your passion. The section that resonated the most for me was, “Building brand authority starts when you align your purpose with your passions, remain fearless about sharing your voice and confidently charging what you’re worth.” I’ve been there, and for small business owners, … Read More