Educational and interactive workshops that provide actionable takeaways, specific to your business.

Dawn is an unapologetic marketing and brand nerd who looks at the world through a marketing lens -- reading shapes and colors before words, and reading past the message to see what is really being said.

For more than 10 years, she has worked with and lead both large and small marketing teams. By partnering with C-Suite operations, marketing, information technology, and financial officers to build brands and marketing strategies across the United States, she has fostered a community of business owners, all with the goal of growing their business.


Marketing For the Small Business Owner - Making the Most of Your Marketing Budget

How to make the most out of your marketing budget with three tried and true marketing tactics that are scalable, affordable, and easy to implement.

The Importance of Professional Business Branding

Foundations of good branding, and how it impacts the success of your business. This workshop will help you see your brand in a new light. Discover what your brand is actually saying to potential customers and clients, and how it differs from what you actually want it to say.

Additional Workshop Options

Not every journey is the same, which is why workshop topics can be crafted based on your group’s specific needs.